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About Gunite Algarve

Established in the building trade in the Algarve for more than 15 years.
Based in central Algarve, our team of six guys have worked together for nearly 15 years.Headed by Luke Sullivan of Apple Construction, GUNITE ALGARVE is the latest branch of the construction company.Having already been involved with many pools, retaining walls, repairs and other private projects, we are currently working with Aqua Show on a new indoor pool / slide project.

Why Gunite Algarve

At Gunite Algarve we provide you with a professional service and aesthetic finish.
With nearly 20 years experience in pool construction and concrete works we are able to fulfil every client’s needs.One of the main advantages of working with Gunite is that we can produce elaborate designs as we are not restricted by traditional methods such as shuttering.Specialising in swimming pools, we have successfully completed works from water tanks / cisternas and retaining walls to industrial projects.

Some of our clients:

“Gunite Algarve é incrível. Eles fazem um ótimo trabalho e eu os recomendo”


“Luke and his team did an outstanding job.”


“My wife and I love our new pool, thanks to Gunite Algarve!”


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